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glorious grrrreat garlic

Hi my name is Robin
I ordered Ananda Organic garlic from you last season. We are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to purchase more as any other garlic we buy just can't compare to yours.
I noticed on Facebook that you mentioned that you have a lot of garlic preordered, is it possible for us to preorder also?

We love your garlic and would be so disappointed if we missed out.

Simon Bryant's feedback

Thanks for sending the Ananda Organic sample garlic to Simon. When I asked him about it the other day, he couldn't stop telling me how good it is!!! He loves the purple hardneck - and said it's one of the best he's cooked with. He will certainly keep your garlic in mind when he next needs to order some.

All the best and thanks again for sending Simon a taste of your beautiful product.

Regarding a free shipping event recently ..... one customer jumped the gun 

I was waiting for the free shipping but when i got the email saying the gold was available, i got nervous i was going to miss out on the best garlic I've ever tasted so I jumped the gun and ordered some. But i must confess Im contemplating ordering even more with free shipping as well, so its all good : )
We really missed your garlic last year when we ran out and there was none available to purchase. 
We are not garlic addicts, we are Ananda Organic garlic addicts : )

"Your beautiful box arrived this morning!

I love your garlic, so its heaven having it in my kitchen again. I just wanted to thank you specifically for the capers! They are like no other capers I have tasted, so fresh, crunchy & delicious. What a thrill to see you have harvested the nonpariels, such a massive job but so worthwhile. They leave the famous Pantellierias for dead.

Not broached the chillis yet but they smell & look lethal."

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