25 Apr 2018

We've just released another batch of our ever popular award winning pickled garlic.

We've upsized our caper jars due to popular demand. Now our tasty salty delicacies can be devoured in larger quantities. YUM!

We still have a small amount of Ananda Rose long lasting garl...

11 Jun 2017

We've just sold our last kg of garlic. Thank you to all our wonderful garlic loving customers. We still have crushed garlic, pickled garlic, capers, dried chilli's, chutney and more. 

Our garlic is happily growing and enjoying this beautiful winter weather.

1 Feb 2017

If you have a love for smokey flavours and garlic, you will want to try this!

"l'ail fumé Grapolo" (smoked garlic bunch)
We've cold smoked our popular Creole variety so the Grapolo will last well.
Cold smoked garlic is like fresh garlic but with a mild smokey flavour...

3 Aug 2016

We are "Pickled Pink"

We've doubled up this year and have won 2 gold medals. 
Our ever popular Korean Style Pickled Garlic picked up a gold for the second year running and our new addition, Korean Style Pickled Garlic with Chilli, also picked up a gold.

The Aus...

2 Jun 2016

FREE Ananda Rose fresh garlic with every purchase of a Triple Treat pack. We will top up your box with our long lasting Rose variety.

About 4-6smaller bulbs or until supplies run out.

Attention all garlic connoisseurs!!
We've bundled two new releases with our ever popula...

8 Jan 2016

Ananda Rose is our signature variety and a true hard neck from the creole family of garlics. Rose produces small to medium sized bulbs compared to other varieties. 
The outer bulb wrappers are white and translucent. Clove colours range from bright pink though to deep p...

5 Dec 2015

Due to a difficult harvest and curing period we have peeled some of the the outer wrappers on every single bulb for a quality control check. Our purple is just as beautiful on the inside (afterall its whats on the inside that counts)! This is how they sell it in parts...

4 Nov 2015

We have been busy harvesting and pickling - but we are excited to announce our Purple hardneck is nearly there. It's curing naturally and we hope to be able to despatch in 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned or sign up to our newsletter where we will personally send you an email whe...

23 Jul 2015


We are so pleased to announce that we won a Gold Medal for our take on Korean Style Pickled Garlic, in July's Spring Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards. This is a recipe we took a little while to perfect because we try to include as many local organic ingredients as pos...