Salted Capers "Non-Pareil" 250GNET



Nothing beats the taste of fresh salted capers. Salted capers are more flowery, more like flower buds, which is exactly what they are. Capers are sold by size. The smaller the caper, the more delicate in texture and flavor it is. The smallest of capers, which measures under 7mm, is considered “non-pareil”. Translated from French means, “has no equal.” Non-pareil capers are the best for flavor and texture. If the jar does not say “non-pareil,” your capers will be a little tougher, larger, and not as delicate. FOR LARGER QUANTITIES OR FOR CHEF SPECIALS PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECT A perfect match with garlic and a real standout with seafood.Make your own tartare sauce. Toss them through a warm potato salad, smash them through avocado and then spread that on your sour dough bread. Try frying them in a little olive oil mmmmmmmmmm fried capers are delicious and then toss them through your salad or pasta.Customer feedbackyour beautiful box arrived this morning!I love your garlic so its heaven having it in my kitchen again.I just wanted to thank you specifically for the capers! They are like no other capers I have tasted, so fresh, crunchy and delicious. What a thrill to see you have harvested the nonpariels, such a massive job but so worthwhile. Ingredients: Ananda Organic grown capers, Pristine Sea Salt straight from the South Australian Bight