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As used by Australia's best chefs.

What is a non-pareil caper?

Capers are sold by size. The smaller the caper, the more delicate in texture and flavor it is. The smallest of capers, which measures under 7mm, is considered a “non-pareil”. Translated from French means, “has no equal.” Non-pareil capers are the best for flavor and texture and are prized as the best in the world. It takes approx 4 hours to hand harvest just 1kg!

All of our caper products contain Rutin and are in fact, one of the largest sources of rutin found. The tiny whitish flecks that appear on all our products, as you can see in the pictures is Rutin. Rutin is naturally formed on capers, leaves and berries during the curing process when mustard oil is released. They are rich in the antioxidant compound quercetin. Vitamin-A, vitamin-K, copper, niacin, and riboflavin are also found in caper products. Capers are now prized among food scientists for their anti-inflammatory properties.

They are completely different to store bought imported capers. Capers are a perfect match with seafood. Make your own tartare sauce. Toss them through a warm potato salad, smash them through avocado and then spread that on your sour dough bread. Try frying them in a little olive oil, fried capers are delicious tossed through a salad or pasta.


Ingredients: capers, South Australian sea salt

New season products will keep for 18 months to 2 years

Salted Capers "Non-Pareil" 250GNET

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