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Net 70g packs in resealable pouch

Approximately 12-14 caperberries depending on size.

Ingredients: Organic caperberries, South Australian sea salt and fresh rain water.


Caperberries are the fruit of the caper bush. Capers come first, followed by the caper flower and then the caperberry. They do not have as strong a flavour as our capers but have a lovely crunchy nutty texture due to their seeds. Their subtle flavours and unique texture, complement rather than dominate the flavours of a dish.

All of our caper products contain Rutin and are in fact, one of the largest sources of rutin found. The tiny whitish flecks that appear on all our products, as you can see in the pictures is Rutin. Rutin is naturally formed on capers, leaves and berries during the curing process when mustard oil is released. They are rich in the antioxidant compound quercetin. Vitamin-A, vitamin-K, copper, niacin, and riboflavin are also found in caper products. Capers are now prized among food scientists for their anti-inflammatory properties.

They are fantastic served on cheese platters, ploughmans lunches, even chopped and fried with a little oil or butter then poured over your favourite fish or veggies.

Why not make a Filthy Martini with the caperberries and brine. Recipe included.

Our caperberries are cured in a sea salt brine.

Caperberries 70G NET

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