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Caperberries in resealable pouch

Caperberries in resealable pouch


Caperberries are the fruit from the caper bush. Capers come first, followed by the caper flower and then the caperberry forms. They do not have as strong a flavour as our capers but have a lovely crunchy nutty flavour due to their seeds. The white spots form on the caperberries due to an antioxidant called rutin which is formed during the curing process when the oils are released. This is perfectly normal and rather healthy too. They are fantastic served on cheese platters, ploughmans lunches, even chopped and fried with a little butter then poured over your favourite fish, veggies. Try them in your favourite cocktail (we tried them in our gin and tonic) yum! Replace the olive in your martini! Our caperberries are cured in salt and apple cider vinegar. Approximately 10-12 caperberries depending on size

Ingredients:Caperberries, sea salt and rain water

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