Introducing Cold Smoked Garlic

If you have a love for smokey flavours and garlic, you will want to try this! "l'ail fumé Grapolo" (smoked garlic bunch) We've cold smoked our popular Creole variety so the Grapolo will last well. Cold smoked garlic is like fresh garlic but with a mild smokey flavour, it is still raw, hard and garlicky. Most recipes suggest using the cloves with the skin still on so it imparts maximum smoked flavour to your food. If you roast cold smoked garlic, this will further enhance the smokey flavour while making tasty caramelised garlic. *Try adding some to your Sunday Roast. *Try tossing it with your favourite seafood, butter, parsley and Parmesan and add fresh linguine. * Try roasting the cold-smoked heads and squeezing onto crusty bread or better still pizza bread smothered with roasted smoked garlic, topped with Mozzarella and popped back into the oven until melted.

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