Triple Treat now available - and a little free fresh garlic to boot!

FREE Ananda Rose fresh garlic with every purchase of a Triple Treat pack. We will top up your box with our long lasting Rose variety.

About 4-6 smaller bulbs or until supplies run out.

Attention all garlic connoisseurs!! We've bundled two new releases with our ever popular Korean Style Pickled garlic.

1 x 150g jar of Korean Style pickled garlic - GOLD MEDAL WINNER! 1 x 150g jar of chilli Korean Style pickled garlic 1 x 150g jar of minced garlic

This pack is perfect for when you cannot buy any fresh Australian garlic.

Our award winning garlic is now available in pickles and minced garlic.

Pickled garlic is fantastic in stir fries or add them to your Ploughmans lunch, cheese boards or platters. Minced garlic is fantastic in mashed potato, roasted garlic potatoes, rub it into your steaks or stir through pasta dishes. Spread it on your pizza bases or even on your toast. One of my all time favourite things is toast spread with butter, minced garlic and topped with fresh sprouts - yum!

Our Korean Style Pickled garlic picked up a gold medal at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards. The judges description: an amazing pickling liquor and a very moorish product! So we added our very own home-grown chillis just to give it some kick.

Don't throw out that marinade use it on your steaks, tuna steaks and in your salad dressings too.

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