Ananda Purple release date 11 December 2015

Due to a difficult harvest and curing period we have peeled some of the the outer wrappers on every single bulb for a quality control check. Our purple is just as beautiful on the inside (afterall its whats on the inside that counts)! This is how they sell it in parts of South America and the locals at the Mount Gambier Farmers Market last weekend said how stunning it looked on display. We are so relieved and happy to announce her release! Orders received Friday 11 December will be despatched Monday and Tuesday 14 and 15 December. Ananda Purple is a true premium hard neck variety that produces large well shaped bulbs. This gourmet garlic is hot, spicy and fragrant and is a favourite with our chef customers.

Our purple is early sprouting and our first to be hand planted and harvested. Available now while it is at its best and it should last till March. In your order you will receive a mixture of large, small and medium bulbs - with outer wrappers off - but you can see that every clove is a winner!

During promotional periods we experience heavy sales volumes so despatching could take a couple of days.

Please note that garlic needs to be stored in a well ventilated area away from heat and direct sunlight. As garlic is fresh produce it needs to be checked regularly to ensure that all is well.

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