Gourmet Taster Pack


Attention all connoisseurs!! Here is an opportunity for you to sample some of our new and most popular products.


1 x 70g pouch of salted non-pareil capers

1 x 150g jar of our award winning Korean Style Pickled garlic

1 x 100g jar of baby caper shoots with leaves (NEW PRODUCT)


We pick the fresh tender new season caper shoots with leaves and tiny capers intact and simply brine them. This way you can choose how you dress them. Toss them in a little olive oil, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, or try them as an edible garnish on your seafood and meat dishes, in salads or on your favourite platter. We road tested these little beauties to some of our top chefs and they've been given the thumbs up. Now we are happy to announce they are available to you too. This gourmet pack is perfect for all occasions. See individual listings for details.