Ananda Purple 1kg


Ananda Purple is a hard neck variety from the turban family. This gourmet garlic is fragrant and full of flavour. Juicy cloves and vibrant, it's no wonder its the chefs favourite! 
A true hardneck garlic will have a deeper and richer flavour than a softneck garlic.
They are also a more labour intensive crop!

Fabulous roasted or try making some garlic chips by thinly slicing and shallow frying until crispy and golden, then toss them through your salads.

This is our first variety harvested with a shelf life of March/April. We also have varieties that are available that have a shelf life of August/September! Try some of both.

Please note that garlic needs to be stored in a well ventilated area away from heat and direct sunlight. As garlic is fresh produce it needs to be checked regularly to ensure that all is well.

  • Details

    Ananda Purple is a true premium hard neck variety that produces large well shaped bulbs.