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Ananda Garlic Gully 250g

Ananda Garlic Gully 250g


If you like a milder variety of garlic then this one is for you.

We started to grow this variety after one of our Western Australian followers emailed us:

I have a unique breed of Garlic growing on my property, growing every year on its own. I purchased my property from my wife's uncle, who related to us that before and during WW2, Italian immigrants who were interned into work camps (in case they were spies perhaps), farmed what is now my land, and in a nice, fertile spring-fed gully they planted their garlic. This garlic has been there for 70+ years now, and has not been cross-pollinated with any other variety.

Sure enough he sent us some to plant and after several years we now have our new variety. The name Garlic Gully stands. 

Big juicy bulbs

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